LibertyPak recently introduced the new 33 volt, 24 amp battery belt designed exclusively for portable lighting. It is currently allowing gaffers to operate an LTM 200 watt HMI for over three hours on a single charge. With nearly 800 watts of power, it can also power a 400 watt Arri HMI for up to one and a half hours. Until now even the most powerful belts only lasted 20 minutes. LibertyPaks replace existing systems and save over 75% of the weight. Each pound holds nearly 100 watts of power, five times as much as conventional lead acid or NiMH. They are also much smaller. Three times as much power per cubic inch than other batteries. Also because LibertyPaks have no memory problems they may be charged as frequently as desired. Special internal circuitry protects against overcharging or over-discharging.
LibertyPaks can be 80% recharged in one hour.


Burn Time

125 w HMI

258 mins

200 w HMI

185 mins

400 w HMI (2 belts)

150 mins

575 w HMI (2 belts)

118 mins

1200 w HMI (2 belts)

53 mins

Times vary depending on conditions and equipment.

2-SuperBelts powering 1200 Watt Arri Par for this photo

LibertyPak SuperBelt 900 Specs

Voltage Output

25.2 to 33.6 volts/29.4 mean VDC

Amp Hours (one hour rate)

24 Amp Hours

Rated Watt Hours @29v

796 Watt Hours

Low Voltage Cut-off

25 volts

High Voltage Cut-off (charge)

34 volts

Charge Time

6 Hours



Output - Peak/Continuous

80 Amps Surge/20 Amps Continuous


13.6 lbs.


6" high x 2" deep x 50" long

Shelf Life

-1% per month

Charge Cycles

1000 to 1200

Available for Rental from Concept Lighting (818) 767-1122

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