Adapt Your Source Four Leko into the 800 Watt Bug-A-Beam

Using your 800 Watt Joker Bug Light and Source Four lenses you can have the most powerful Daylight Source Four available. Our kit was designed by our engineers to overcome the problems with adapting the Joker Bug Light to this versitile leko head. We custom modified the glass reflector so the larger 800 watt HMI globe would fit the houseing and manufactured a precision adapter for the Bug Light head and a heat proof extender to put the globe in the perfect optical position in order to project an even beam for your gobo or iris effects. Using a 800 Watt HMI globe over the original quartz globe you gain almost 2 1/2 times more light at 5500 degrees Kelvin.

Kit Includes:

• Rear Shell
w/Modified Reflector
• Bail w/tilt lock
• 800W BugLight Adapter
• Globe Extender

The Bug-A-Beam 800, the most powerful Source Four available exclusively for purchase or rental at
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