Concept is proud to introduce a new low crank stand that is setting new standards for safety on the set. This new stand was designed in the U.S. by veteran lighting professionals for professionals to eliminate the all-too-common problems of crank kickback and accidental chain slippage that can cause loads to come crashing down unexpectedly.

Loading Height


Max Height

6' 10"

Folded Height


Wheel Base


Max Load

200 lbs.


120 lbs.

The Low SuperCrank features a newly engineered chain drive and crank mechanism that is smoother, easier to operate and 20 times safer than other designs.

Maximum loads of 200 lbs can be elevated to 6' 10" with 6 easy turns of the crank. The new gear box mechanism requires no clutch adjustments, and as with all Avenger cranks, no counterweights are needed to raise and lower the stand. The SafeCrank also features Avenger’s Smart Tracking Wheels that provide more positive control for smoother, safer positioning, on uneven surfaces.

• OSHA approved Fork lift leaf chain drive with 20 times safety factor that will never jam or snap
• New gear box mechanism to prevent reversing
• 6 easy turns of crank to maximum extension
• Smart Tracking Wheels for smooth and easy positioning ­ even on uneven ground
• Pull and turn tracking pin to lock the wheels into 6 positions
• Secondary safety lock on riser
• Double-action wheel brake
• Spirit level for Vertical positioning
• Built-in wind bracing mounts
• Chrome steel base and risers

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